About Us

Who We Are

For more than 33 years, the CPC Metro, along with people like you, have been offering women alternatives to abortion through Christ-centered services. We provide women in Rankin, Hinds, and Madison counties practical support that empowers them to choose life. Hope begins the moment a woman connects to our clinic through her online search for abortion. In our clinic, she will see firsthand the miracle of the life inside of her with a free ultrasound. Our trained volunteers and staff listen and encourage her as she sorts through the circumstances and the emotions surrounding her pregnancy, so that she can make an informed decision without fear or worry. We continue to walk with her through her journey beyond her decision to parent because both she and her baby deserve an opportunity to thrive.

How We Work

For many women, discovering they are pregnant isn’t a joyful experience. Rather, it brings an overwhelming sense of fear and uncertainty—and, many times, the feeling of abandonment. We at the CPC understand and respect these feelings—and we’re here to offer help, support, resources, and encouragement—free of charge.

Like virtually everything else, the leading way that women discover the CPC Metro is through an online search. Because of this, we intentionally invest in digital marketing to maintain a strong visible online presence when she is looking for both aid and answers. 

Once our centers are found online, women in crisis can call our mainline and explain their unique situations to our clinic staff members standing by. Calls are answered by trained call center staff members who are ready to hear her unique situation and help her plan next steps.

Following their phone call, many women decide to schedule the free medical consultation appointment offered at one of our clinics, which also allows them to have an ultrasound, ask questions, and gain crucial information needed during their decision-making process. Our goal is for her to have everything she needs to make an informed decision and become aware of the support that is available to her. 

Deciding what to do in an unplanned pregnancy is life-altering, regardless of what decision is ultimately made. For this reason, we prioritize educating our patients on all options: abortion, adoption, and parenting, from expert medical professionals and decision counselors. It is our priority to not only care for our patients’ immediate circumstances, but also for their mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing, too. 

Regardless of the final choice made, CPC Metro offers free services and long-term support tailored specifically to the patient. Through partnering churches and individuals, she is equipped, supported, and encouraged to break the cycle of hopelessness and uplifting others who may be in the same place.

Throughout our many years serving women, there is no greater reward than standing alongside our clients and seeing new life beginning—physically as well as spiritually. Our mothers find hope, peace, and love as they are introduced to a community of support through our church partners who pour into their lives. 

Life Choice Path

How You Can Help


Your church is an important part of our community that impacts lives for eternity. Use your unique platform to partner with the CPC and empower the choice for life in our community.


Whether it’s volunteering, giving a one-time gift, or becoming a  Life Champion – there’s always something you can do!


As a business, you can use your resources to impact lives and help moms, dads and babies in our community.


Volunteers make our ministry possible for women who are in great need of our services.

Give Today - Your Gift Saves Lives.

The abortion industry thrives when women believe they are alone and abortion is their only option. But you can help us reach women with hope and show them a community of support today!