My business can save lives?

Yes. As a business, you can use your resources to help support families in the Jackson Metro area by partnering with us.

Two ways you can be a pro-life business:


Sponsor an Event

Click on an event for details and learn
how to become a sponsor.


Become a Life Champion

Our Life Champions are dedicated donors. It is through the giving of these sponsors that we can continue to “keep the lights on” and impact lives day after day.

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Give Today - Your Gift Saves Lives.

The abortion industry thrives when women believe they are alone and abortion is their only option. But you can help us reach women with hope and show them a community of support today!

The CPC Metro area is a nonprofit with medical clinics that are here to listen, encourage and equip those facing pregnancy decisions.  We have been serving the Jackson Metro area for over 30 years and have served over 23,000 women in our community.

The CPC does not perform or provide referrals for abortion procedures. If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, call us at 601.487.1064 to make an appointment.

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