Our biggest fundraiser of the year! Recruit walkers who find sponsors to support them as they participate. Walkers of all ages are welcome!

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Set aside this day in January to recognize the value of every human life

"Life Change" Baby Bottle Campaign

Distribute baby bottles to your congregation and fill them up with spare change, cash, or checks. 


Utilize these free resources to educate your congregation about the needs of the CPC and how they can be a part of giving hope and saving lives.


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Great Expectations

We partner with local churches to provide pregnancy and parenting education to our clients and their families that is Gospel-centered. For more information, call 601-487-1063.

Abortion Recovery Resources

Biblically-based, gender-specific small groups, facilitated by women and men who have experienced abortion in their pasts. These groups offer grace, healing and hope after abortion. For more information, call 601-487-1063.

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Give Today - Your Gift Saves Lives.

The abortion industry thrives when women believe they are alone and abortion is their only option. But you can help us reach women with hope and show them a community of support today!