Ways You Can Help!

Host a Baby Bottle Campaign

A baby bottle campaign is a fun way to involve your church or organization in supporting the CPC! You tell us how many bottles you’d like, we drop them off to you or you pick them up from the Center, you pass them out to your congregation and ask them to fill it with cash, change, and/or checks and bring it back on a specified date. After you drop off the filled baby bottles to us we will count how much your church raised and let you know!  Please fill out our volunteer interest form to request more information.

We have two wish lists you can contribute to by ordering on Amazon, shipping right to us or by picking up needed items at a local store. Please call us if you would like to drop off items: (601) 487-1063

Purchase Items on Our Wish List

CPC Wish List: This list is for our needs to operate the clinics. We use office supplies, medical supplies, and hospitality supplies to serve the women and make them feel as comfortable as possible during their visit.
Classes for Women Wish List: The CPC partners with the community to host parenting and spiritually enriching classes. At these classes, they form deep bonds with their peers and new Christian community. The leaders of these classes pour into the women, help them realize the wonderful creation God made them to be, and address their needs as new moms. Here you will find hospitality, craft, and baby supply needs.



Our annual spring LifeWalk is an incredible way to involve your church in our mission. We are in need of volunteers to be LifeWalk Ambassadors, recruiting others from their churches to join a walk team. Each walker earns sponsorship from their friends and family. Together, we raise a large amount of our annual funding going directly to the services we offer women and their families. Please fill out our volunteer interest form for more information on being a Walk Ambassador or volunteering the day of the event.

Fall Banquet

Our annual Fall Banquet is our largest fundraiser of the year. We invite a special keynote speaker and enjoy their message over a banquet dinner. Our Executive Director gives an update and overview of our ministry then makes a financial appeal to the room. We need the help of volunteers to be table hosts- inviting your friends, church members, and family members to fill a table with guests who may be interested in volunteering or financially partnering with us after they learn more about our ministry. It is free to host a table and free to attend our event. Please fill out our volunteer interest form for more information on being a table host, underwriter, or volunteering the night of the event.

Host a Party at Your Home

One way we meet new prospective volunteers and donors is by our friends inviting their friends and family to hear us present our ministry in their home. Typically done over dessert and refreshments, our Executive Director will share our progress and purpose. This is an excellent way for you to help us connect with the community! We are glad to also come to your church, small group, Sunday School, or other community group. Please fill out our volunteer interest form or call (601) 487-1063 for more information.

Invite Your Pastor to Celebrate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Every January, we remember the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion in our nation. You can advocate for your pastor to cover the healing and life-saving services we offer women and men on a Sunday near this anniversary. Please fill out this form to let us know how the CPC can help your church honor the Sanctity of Human Life.

Be a Church Liaison

As a Church Liaison, you would help us get the word out about what’s going on at the CPC.  When we have urgent needs or information to communicate to the church or pastor, we call our Church Liaisons.  Our Liaisons are our “in” or our “lifeline” to our supporting churches. Church liaisons often act as Walk Ambassadors, Table Hosts, or help us find someone at their church to fill these roles.  Please fill out our volunteer interest form or call us at (601) 487-1063 for more information.

Be a Prayer Warrior

We need Prayer Support!   You can sign up for our quarterly newsletter and pray for the month over those items in the newsletter. The CPC is in a spiritual war and all “Prayer Warriors” are welcome to help us in this fight. Email info@cpcmetrofriends.org to be added to our newsletter.