Legacy Giving

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Legacy giving is a way for you and your family to leave a lasting impact on the Jackson area community that outlives your life on earth. You can include the CPC Metro Area in your estate plan, will, or add us as beneficiaries to your insurance policy plan. Please let us know of your interest in legacy giving by calling us at (601) 487-1063.

Your personal financial advisor can assist you in making the CPC Metro Area a beneficiary. Thank you for considering us for your planned giving. This monumental gift will ensure more lives saved across the state of Mississippi.





“Giving a legacy gift is the best expression of my loyalty in supporting an abundant future of the Cline Centers in a very practical way. It is my desire to aid in the Cline Centers continued commitment of offering help, hope and healing. Their goals and actions are dear to my heart and it is my wish that the hearts, minds, and bodies of future generations will continue to be blessed by their goals, and empowered through their actions. There is peace and joy knowing that I have the opportunity to support the Cline Centers in a way that can make an eternal difference in the lives of those it touches.” – A legacy gift donor