Room Renovation in Honor of Mom

“God gave my mother a very generous spirit.  If she could help someone, she would.  When she passed away two and a half years ago, she left behind a small amount of money that she entrusted to her children to spend wisely.  In memory of her benevolent heart, God kept laying this burden upon my heart to use some of that money on a project that would help other people and bring glory to His name.

It wasn’t long before Erin Kate Goode I were talking about the need to update the CPC building off I55 North.  After that conversation, I knew that I could take a room at this location and give it “new life” with updated furniture and wall decor.

The staff and volunteers are working diligently every week to counsel and encourage young women to make the right choice with the new life within them.  Though new furnishings can do nothing to change the minds of whose who walk through the odor, it is my hope that as they sit in this updated room that they will feel God’s presence through the testimony, counsel and support of the staff.  In the calmness of the new surroundings, it is my prayer that they will yearn to seek God’s will in their decision making. How wonderful to know that God can and does make all things new!”

~Emily Reeves

Emily Reeves

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