Brand Changes and New Staff

We plan to launch an aggressive marketing strategy in 2019. Currently, the abortion clinic, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, is the number one listing under the Google search “abortion.”  In order to reach women who are at risk for abortion, we have a plan to be first and foremost every time they search Google about abortion. By targeting relevant search keywords, neighborhoods where abortion is most searched, and demographics of women most in need of our services, we can reach more abortion vulnerable women than ever.

Our marketing research revealed that women who are considering abortion do not think of the CPC as a place to go for help. In order to be attractive to these women, our clinics will be renamed The Cline Centers. The name is inspired by our Clinic Manager, Marlene Cline, who has served with the compassionate love of Christ for over 18 years. The name Cline means small person, and we seek to show Christ’s love to the least among us. All marketing done under our new name will be focused on appealing to women seeking abortion. The phone number for The Cline Center will direct women to our call center designed to effectively identify which callers are high risk for abortion. As a result, our number for friends and supporters is brand new as well. Please call (601) 487-1063 for all non-patient calls.

To compete sustainably with the for-profit abortion industry, we needed to build up staff who can connect us with the community – our only source of funding and support.  We have hired a Community Relations Coordinator and a Director of Finance and Administration to allow me to be more available for community engagement.  Additional staff will be needed in 2019 to continue to strengthen our church and individual partnerships.  A powerful workforce at The CPC will make us stronger than ever.

Meet the new staff!

Anja Baker is our new Community Relations Coordinator at the Center for Pregnancy Choices. She is a graduate of Mississippi State University. She has served as a volunteer for various pregnancy resource groups such as Starkville Pregnancy Care Center and Pregnant on Campus Initiative. She lives with her husband and newborn son in Flowood, MS.

Cecilia Scheib is our new Director of Finance and Administration. She is originally from Southern California but has lived in Mississippi for 14 years. Her experience is in property management, real estate, and office administration. She and her husband live in Canton and enjoy visits from their daughter, son-in-law, and grandson.

DaChiron Tresvant is our new Call Center Manager. She obtained her Bachelors in Biology from Tougaloo College and her Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology from Jackson State University. During Gradate School, DaChiron interned at CPC where, prior to that, she was introduced to CPC as a client. Her hobbies include dancing, singing on the Praise and Worship Team at her church and spending time with her loving husband Jamal and their daughter Bella Maree.


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