Google Ads and Calls at The Cline Center

In January 2019, with a new name on our clinics, we launched an aggressive Google keyword advertising campaign so that every time a woman searched Google for abortion in our area, the CPC’s Cline Center came up first.  It started working immediately. But, in May, Google made some major changes to the way pregnancy centers advertise because the abortion industry put pressure on Google to stop letting pro-life pregnancy centers advertise. Google is the #1 way women find abortion facilities, and the abortion industry doesn’t want women to know about other options.
Despite the obstacles, and with the help of pro-life advocates on the sidewalks of the abortion facility, we REACHED MORE WOMEN WHO WERE CONSIDERING ABORTION BY THE END OF JULY THIS YEAR than we did in ALL OF 2018!! We took a bold move and changed everything to intentionally and strategically pursue at-risk women in our community.  We found a way to offer help and hope that she would see and respond to easily. We must continue to be where every woman seeking abortion is looking and offer her the best care possible.  To be clear, our ads on Google do not mislead women that we provide abortions, but we compete using abortion key words to reach women in this sadly competitive market for unplanned pregnancy options.
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