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Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with the Center for Pregnancy Choices! Please click on this link  Confidential Volunteer Application to complete your application.   Once your application is complete, our volunteer coordinator will contact you within a week.  If you do not hear from us, or if you have questions please contact us at 601-487-1063.
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It is such a blessing to have people in the community with hearts to help women in crisis pregnancies. We serve as a nonprofit medical clinic that is here to listen, encourage and equip those facing pregnancy decisions. We do not perform or refer for abortion.  We do give education on all options (including abortion, adoption & parenting) to people with unplanned pregnancies.  Our mission is to empower the choice for life!
A few of our current volunteer postitions include:
 Please know that the volunteer application* is very detailed, with many personal questions.  Your answers will be completely confidential.  We have many individuals serving with us who have experienced unplanned pregnancies, abortion, or to deal with difficult consequences of sexual choices in their past.  Sometimes it is that very life experience that calls us to this ministry.
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*A shorter application is available for those interested in completing community service hours for school. Please call 601-713-2322 for more information.

Medical Advisory Board

The CPC has been in operation since 1988 and serves about 1,000 women annually. We are in the process of opening our third clinic in the metro area, and our desire is to increase our engagement with the pro-life medical community by establishing this advisory board.

The Medical Advisory Board has several purposes:
1) To develop relationships with pro-life health professionals who will advise the CPC concerning current and future medical issues facing the ministry.  2) To network within the health professions to locate qualified volunteers. 3) To encourage the CPC’s friends and clients to see pro-life physicians for their care. 4) To provide pro-life medical professionals with an annual time of fellowship with one another.

The Medical Advisory Board will meet once annually to review the medical vision and annual statistics of the center and to thank you for your support. We only ask that 1) you be available for an occasional email or phone call for counsel when necessary; 2) you provide us with your business cards to make available to our clients and donors; and 3) you would allow us to include your name in the our Medical Resource Directory distributed to patients, and letterhead communication seen by our many donors.

For more info, email or call Erin Kate at  601.487.1063